If you are wondering what to do in Siem Reap, pack your bags and visit Kampong Pluk, a small village in Siem Reap province of Northern central Cambodia. The village was constructed entirely on the stilts of Tonle Sap and hence the name, which means Harbor of the Tusks.

There are two villages present in this floodplain and is located nearly 16 km towards the South-East of Siem Reap. With a total population of 3000 people, the flooded mangrove forests are home to different wildlife species and the unique specie found here is the crab eating macaque. When there is an onset of summer the lake’s water levels drop and as a result, the buildings appear to be tall. To avoid the heat, villagers move to the lake and have makeshift houses. The cycle continues with them moving back to their permanent houses whenever the water level in the lake rises. Kampong Pluk has an economy that is primarily dependent on shrimp harvesting.

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