The Most Loved Hotel Award 2014 was chosen by travelers and given to’s fans’ most favorite hotels themselves.

There are essential set of criteria and the hotel that was finally chosen to receive the said award has surpassed all the criteria set during the selection. Travelers have played a huge role in selecting the most loved hotel and Borei Angkor Resorts & Spa is one among the top 10.

Borei Angkor Resorts & Spa is a lavish accommodation that enjoys an excellent address lying in the center of Siem Reap. The ideal location makes this hotel a convenient spot to explore and visit in the Cambodian historical city. The Borei Angkor Resort & Spa is in close proximity to the Khmer ancient Kingdom of Angkor Wat which is only about seven kilometers away and is also a short five-minute drive from the Pub Street’s nightlife district.

This hotel is highly recommended for guests, tourists and travelers. This is a perfect place where they can enjoy soothing body and facial massage which is the hotel’s exclusively known signature. The J’Pong herbal steam therapy is also found in house of the Mudita Spa. The Borei Angkor Resorts & Spa is one of the recipients of the Most Loved Hotel Award 2014.

The reason behind this award is the exclusive accommodation designed to provide guests and tourists a comfortable and safe stay and a taste of the magnificent and lavish culture as well as fabulous foods. The Borei Angkor Resorts & Spa houses fully-equipped and elegantly furnished guestrooms. The location is very accessible and is ideally located near the airport, shopping centers, bars, restaurants and other main town attractions and spots in Siem Reap.

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa also has several fully equipped function rooms for conferences and seminars. All these are fantastically designed having luxury and functionality in mind. The exclusive Bokor Ballroom is also another spot that displays ideal combination of modern convenience of conference room and traditional luxury. The hotel offers broad range of services that are specially tailored for international conferences, high-profile events, ballroom parties and weddings.

Cambodia is a country that is rich in culture and has extensive and mysterious history. The country offers many wonderful things. There lies romance and adventure in every corner. The best way to experience Cambodia is to visit Siem Reap and make reservations on Borei Angkok Resort & Spa. This is an award-winning hotel that guarantees a place where serenity is in ideal harmony with ultimate convenience. Book now and experience staying in one of the renowned hotels in Cambodia who has gained the most international awards and recognition for the past 15 years.

Source by: AsiaRoom’s Most Loved Hotels 2014