We add delightful twists to our hospitality just to make your stay more memorable.
A Reception Lounge and Departure Lounge, hospitality desks for your convenience, complimentary daily cultural orientation sessions, and a dedicated team of Resident Hosts whose mission is to ensure your complete happiness throughout your stay.


The contemporary and yet refined Lobby Lounge is expressly designed with distinct lounges for greetings, farewells and our most privileged VIP guests that interconnect over an area of a thousand square meters.

This majestic lobby is one of the pinnacles of our resort that engages our esteemed visitors in traditional Khmer hospitality.


Our greeting lounge is where we welcome our honored guests and personally introduce them to the warm Khmer culture upon arrival in the Kingdom of Wonder.

There is no reception counter or lines but instead a welcoming committee of hosts to ensure that arrival at the Borei Angkor resort is nothing short of relaxing and expedient.


Upon your departure, the farewell lounge is the final memory of your stay with us that will be forever remembered and our aim is to ensure that memory is magnificent. At Borei Angkor we believe that the first impression is important, but the final expression of our gratitude is essential.

With a separate departure lounge, our guests can take in a final breath as they look upon the vast resort with fondness and a bittersweet farewell until they return.


The VIP Lounge is specially dedicated for an exclusive yet express check-in and check-out service provided for our so-called VIP guests.

It is also designated for important business appointments and private discussions at any time of the day.


Handcrafted and exquisite souvenirs are a way to fondly memorialize your stay at the Borei Angkor Resort and Spa. Offering one of the largest selections seen in a hotel around the world, our gift shop is home to a fine selection of artwork, accessories, haute couture, furnishings, publications and ornate jewelry.

It is one of the finest shopping excursions in Siem Reap and it’s located right in the hotel.


Winning in second place among 15 best rated swimming pools in the Asia Pacific, the turquoise blue waters of our tropical lagoon is a paradise in the heart of a kingdom.

A retreat for the idle and a playground for the lively, the Tropicana Pool is the heart of the Borei Angkor featuring poolside Khmer cuisine and pastries served from our renowned Aha Rosil bistro.


Stimulating and yet serene, our state-of-the-art fitness center gleams from natural light that shines in through the wall-to-wall windows that surround a selection of the finest fitness machines available to assist our active guests in maintaining wellness and clarity for their body, mind and soul.


A beauty salon like no other, Borei Beauty is our way of helping our distinguished guests remove the dirt and grit from a day of visiting Siem Reap and the temples that surround our resort.

Offering a complete menu of indulgent hair and nail treatments, Borei Beauty is a pampered escape from the rigors and stimulation of civilization.


Ideal for relaxation, our steam and sauna rooms offer our guests a serene escape to relax in, but to also boost your immune system, relieve tension and stiffness as well as work out congestion leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.


Our hot and cold Jacuzzi is one of our most popular facilities offering guests a rare treatment that leaves skin soft and supple while thoroughly washing the body of dirt and germs.