Arguably one of the most luxurious and opulent spas in all of Asia, the  MUDITA SPA BY BOREI ANGKOR is a tranquil and serene environment aimed at pampering and indulging all of your senses in traditional Cambodian flair.

A full service parlor, the  MUDITA SPA BY BOREI ANGKOR offers traditional Khmer massage and our exclusive J’Pong herbal steam therapy, as well as facial and body scrubs, hand and foot care and depilation treatments complete with our in-house hair salon. 


Nurturing elements and purifying body treatments promote tranquility and leave you a feeling of totally rejuvenated, gently relaxed and wonderfully invigorated. Nourish your face and body while promoting relaxation of the mind.

Our spa packages have been carefully designed to create various ways to escape the stress of everyday life. Treat yourself to a relaxing ritual of renewal, and redefine your mental and physical well-being, or pamper someone you love with the gift of rejuvenation.


Begin a heart blossom and uplift your mood with a bottle of Sparkling Wine, especially designed for two persons in the spa suite, with candlelight which is perfect for honeymooner/couple. With specially blended oil which is said to have aroma of love. The night is yours to spend with your loved one.Package includes:

  • Hair Relaxing Treatment: a natural way of relaxing hair treatment for softer and silkier look and feel.
  • Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Slow: deeply cleans and moisturize your skin, which leave it glowing, vibrant, flawless, and replenished
  • Sensual Milk & Honey Bath: beautifying, moisturizing, smoothing and suppling your skin
  • Relaxing Heart Blossom Massage (Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rose & Jasmine) :calming, relaxing, acting directly as mood enhancers, aphrodisiacs, or element balancer for a proper sensual energy buildup in a romantic experience.
  • Aroma Revitalizing Facial treatment: reduce impurities, heal, and moisturize and make your skin smooth and silky.

Truly Jasmine Pampering

Jasmine is great for antidepressant; relaxes nerves, relieves muscle spasms and cramping. This uniquely designed package is specialized for calming your spiritual and relaxing your muscle.

  • Revitalizing Jasmine Body Scrub
  • Revitalizing Jasmine Body Wrap with Traditional Fire Cupping
  • Calming Jasmine Aromatherapy
  • Revitalizing Jasmine Face Care


The Elemental Nature concept is grounded in the Buddhist belief - everything includes skin and body is composed by four elements: wind, fire, water, and earth. Environmental and emotional factors such as lifestyle, diet, and stress can cause natural elements to shift out of balance and compromise your sense of well-being.

  • Water & Wind Imbalance: Stagnation build-up becomes toxin, gas trapped, poor circulation, skin losses its subtleness and hard to breath. Treatment starts with Herbal Energizing Body Scrub to draw out impurity and smooth your skin, followed by Organic Moor Mud Body Wrap to release stagnation energy, detoxify,re-mineralize and revitalize your sense of well-being
  • Earth- Fire Imbalance: Muscular tight & pain burning sensation, tailored Infusion Elemental Massage with herbal oil to relax and release body tension and to balance a sense of well-being
  • The treatment complete with Anti-Stress Hot Stone Facial to relax and soothe facial muscles, and hydrate and improve circulation and skin texture.


This treatment for 2 pax, you and your partner will feel romantically challenged; retreat to a united intimacy and pamper with romantic ritual including an aromatherapy body scrub followed by a sensuous soak with candlelight in an oversized tub. The ritual ends with a massage and two glasses of cocktail to set the mood for your love.Package includes:

  • Sensual Milk & Honey Bath
  • Aromatic Deep Tissue Massage for Him
  • Relaxing Swedish Massage for Her
  • Aroma Calming Facial Treatment.


This treatment is sure to relax and nurture your skin from head to toes! Renew your skin with a stimulating body exfoliation. Then relax as an expert therapist treats you to a relaxing combination massage. Package includes:

  • Welcome Drink: A fresh cold coconut drink
  • Hair Lust Relaxing Treatment: Using coconut milk and lime to be a natural way of relaxing & nourishing hair treatment
  • Coconut Body Exfoliating: A fresh grated coconut & honey polish and smooth your skin
  • Exotic Honey, Coconut Body Wrap & Face Mask: rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C, and E, which leave your body hydrated, calm, and nourish.
  • Soothing Coconut Oil Body Massage: to relax and re-energize your body.


'CHOL-MLOB' is an old customs of beauty care for wedding ceremonies; parents ask their daughters to stay in the house for three months as a tradition. During that period, the daughter is not allowed to see anyone beside only her mother. To get their daughters to get smooth and rejuvenating skin, the daughter may have to wear and use make up that is made from natural herbs and other natural medicines to give them a beautiful look.Package includes:

  • Welcome Exotic Drink: banana & coconut milk shake
  • Herbal Energizing Body Polish
  • Herbal J'pong: traditional Khmer herbal body wrap
  • Volumizing Hair Care
  • Rejuvenating Pedi/Manicure
  • Organic Brighten Face Treatment
  • Aroma Invigorate Relaxing Body Massage